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Environment Assignment

New Jersey is a penisula containing diverse natural environments from our urban cities to our beaches and shoreline, from the Delaware Bay to the northwest Skylands. It is also home to millions of people and thousands of species of wildlife. Your NJ Environment assignment will require you to research a topic about New Jersey’s environment and write one article that informs and motivates readers to learn more or take action.

Choose your topic and select one of the following assignments to complete. Use this link to help you select your topic and begin your research.  (You may also use other sources such as newspapers, magazines, journals, books, and online sites for your research.)


1. Research and write an article, 300-500 words, about a group or organization that is working to help NJ’s environment stay safe, healthy and beautiful.  Describe what they do to help people learn about environmental issues. Include where they are located, how they got started and what makes them important to New Jersey.

2. Write one article, 300-500 words, about a business or group in NJ who is using technology to help New Jersey and the world to reduce pollution and create sustainable energy solutions. Describe the business, how this technology solves environmental problems, and the impact this solution will have on the people and wildlife of New Jersey.


3. Write one article, 300-500 words, that describes what you would do to improve the natural environment in your part of New Jersey. If you could create a project in your community to make the environment safer and more livable for all people and creatures, what would it be? What would you need to get started? How would you inspire other people to get involved?  How would you measure your effectiveness?



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